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IGCSE Accounting, Travel and Tourism and Business Studies


Welcome to Accounting-Daddy.Com, an online resource for IGCSE Accounting, Travel and Tourism and Business Studies.

Is it another random website for getting online help in IGCSE and GCE O Level Accounting, Travel and Tourism and Business Studies? NO! NOT AT ALL!

At Accounting-Daddy.Com, our experienced educators develop the content and worksheets meant for subjects offered by the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE); i.e., Cambridge IGCSE Accounting (0452), ((9-1)-0985), Cambridge GCE O Level Accounting (7707), Cambridge IGCSE Travel and Tourism (0471), Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies (0450) and Cambridge O level Business Studies (7115).

Though this syllabus-specific content and worksheets are developed keeping Cambridge International Examinations in mind, students and educators from various examination bodies such as Caribbean Examinations Council, Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board, Central Board of Secondary Education (India) and other curriculum across the globe can find this syllabus-specific content and worksheets useful for their examinations.

Let’s Learn GCE O Level and IGCSE Accounting, Travel and Tourism and Business Studies online!

Worldwide, online learning is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. Across the globe, more and more students depend on the internet to learn and enhance their knowledge in various subjects in addition to their traditional classroom learning. Learning “IGCSE Accounting”, IGCSE Travel and Tourism and  “IGCSE Business Studies’’ online is not an exception from that. Today, Students from 10,000 plus schools in more than 160 countries pursue various courses offered by Cambridge International Examinations. Most of the students from these schools seek regular and additional information and worksheets related to their courses from online.

Do you know the reasons behind this new phenomenon?

It is simple!  Improved Internet connectivity and speeds, availability of “free’’ resources, the flexibility of learning anything, anywhere, anytime and any number of times at their own pace and also the current Covid-19 situation are the main reasons for making online learning very popular among the pupils and educators.

To learn IGCSE and GCE O Level Accounting, IGCSE Travel and Tourism and GCE O Level and IGCSE Business Studies online, there are various choices available, and the e-learning space is crowded with numerous websites and portals in many ways. However, there are very few websites which offer course material related to the specific syllabus. is one among them!

Why Choose

On the World Wide Web, there are numerous resources available to learn Accounting, Travel and Tourism and Business Studies.  However, most of these resources throw the students into the state of confusion either with long boring notes and study material or with too little of materials to grasp the core concepts of the subjects.  That is where Accounting-Daddy.Com finds its niche!

At, our experienced educators develop the course materials to meet the syllabus aims and assessment objectives of various examination bodies worldwide.Hence, pupils will find exactly what they want to learn from IGCSE and GCE O'level Accounting, IGCSE Travel and Tourism and GCE O'level and IGCSE Business Studies. In simple words, offers just enough of study material to meet students’ requirements and to make them get higher grades in the examinations.

Interestingly this high-quality examination focused content at Accounting- is absolutely FREE including weekly Skype classes.  No signup or no registration is required to access any part of this website! students and educators are free to download all the resources available on this site.

What do you find at

List of resources image.

At, students can find study notes for GCE O'level and IGCSE Accounting , IGSCSE Travel and Tourism and GCE O'level and IGCSE Business Studies, worksheets, mind maps, flashcards, quiz, past papers with answer keys, mock exam papers, multiple-choice questions with answers, topic wise breakup of past papers, video lessons, Skype classes on a weekly basis, examination tips and many more resources.  These quality resources sharpen the students’ thinking process and make them stand out of the crowd.

Wait…wait…it’s not yet over! What about our beloved teaching fraternity?

Educators can find lesson plans, scheme of works, syllabus materials, ready to use question papers for class tests and unit tests, teaching aids for various purposes and most importantly interested educators can be part of our content development team and share their knowledge and expertise with students across the world.

Remember, all these resources are available for FREE at the tip of your fingers.   

With learning can happen anywhere! Unlike a regular classroom, here students do not need to rush to learn various topics.  Students can take their own time and follow the TORTOISE way through our well designed mobile friendly Solo Build It powered website. 

Then why waiting? After all, e-learning  is fun! Explore with passion and achieve higher grades in IGCSE and GCE O Level Accounting, IGCSE Travel and Tourism and O level and IGCSE Business Studies exams.  All the best!

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