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Hello Students, Welcome to Accounting-Daddy's Online MCQ Practice Platform.

For IGCSE, GCE O Level and A Level Accounting students, our online MCQ Practice Platform offers hundreds of Multiple Choice Questions to practice.

Accounting-Daddy's Online MCQ Practice Platform covers every aspect of IGCSE, GCE O level and A Level Accounting curriculum to ensure that you achieve extraordinary results in the IGCSE, GCE and A Level examinations.

Salient features of Accounting Daddy's MCQ Practice Platform.

  • Free Online Resource
  • Allowed to attempt unlimited times
  • Instant Results, Report and Certificate.
  • Change in the sequence of questions and answers every time you try the test.
  • Access to the revision material.

How to access MCQ Practice Platform.

Access to Accounting-Daddy's MCQ Practice Platform is free for all the accounting students. However, currently, the free access to the beta version is limited to the selected students of Mr.Manish.

Anyone who wishes to test our Online MCQ Practice Platform may contact Mr.Manish @ 9585910 for user id and password. 

Btw, you will also find some resources to revise and refresh your "Travel and Tourism" (0471) knowledge with our interactive online tools.

Welcome aboard! Let's explore our MCQ Practice Platform!!!!

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1. Accounting Equation - 1

2. Control Accounts - 1 (IGCSE and O Level)

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