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IGCSE Accounting Past Papers (Online Version)

1. 0452-October/November-2022 : Paper-12 (Coming very soon).

2. 0452 - February/March-2022 : Paper-12 (Online Practice - Result with answers).

IGCSE Accounting MCQ Topics.

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   1.  The Purpose of Accounting

   2.  The Accounting Equation

   3.  The Double Entry System of Bookkeeping

   4.  Business Documents

   5.  Books of Prime Entry

   6.  The Trial Balance

   7.  Correction of Errors

   8.  Bank Reconciliation Statement

   9.  Control Accounts

 10.  Capital and Revenue Expenditure and Receipts

 11.  Accounting for Depreciation and Disposal of Non-Current Assets

 12.  Other Payables and Receivables (Coming very soon....)

 13.  Irrecoverable and Provision for Doubtful Debts

 14.  Valuation of Inventory 

 15.  Preparation of Financial Statements - Sole Traders

 16.  Preparation of Financial Statements - Partnership

 17.  Preparation of Financial Statements - Limited Companies

 18.  Preparation of Financial Statements - Clubs and Societies

 19.  Preparation of Financial Statements - Manufacturing Accounts

 20.  Incomplete Records

 21.  Calculation and Understanding of Accounting Ratios

 22.  Interpretation of Accounting Ratios

 23.  Inter-firm Comparison

 24.  Interested Parties of Accounting Information

 25.  Limitations of Accounting Statements 

 26.  Accounting Principles / Concepts

 27.  Accounting Policies / Objectives

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